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Tired Waiting for Flight Lessons?

Join FFTC & Seize Our Exclusive Transfer Deal

Switch to FFTC and experience a seamless, consistent training journey! We're offering a limited-time special deal to make your transition even easier: we'll waive your enrollment fee and credit your SEVIS transfer fee. No Deposits! You pay as you go. Don't miss this opportunity to join the FFTC family and take your aviation dreams to new heights!

How FFTC ensures consistent flight lessons:

  • Limited Enrollment Numbers for Personalized Attention

  • Quick Maintenance Turnarounds to Keep You Flying

  • On-Site FAA Examiners for Convenient Testing

  • Guaranteed 5-Day Weekly Schedule for Steady Progress


Consistent Scheduling

Consistent practice is the key to successful flight training. We schedule you 4 to 6 times a week to keep you moving towards your goal. 


Limited Enrollments

Instructors need to have a lot of personal interaction with their students. We limit the number of students we enroll to provide you with excellent training.


Quality Theory

Arguably the most important part of flight training is the ground instruction you receive immediately before you depart and after you land. Our instructors are not with us to build time, they are here to train the next generation of arline pilots.

FAA Exams On Site

No waiting for Checkrides and FAA Exams. Our FAA Examiners and test facilities are on site. We make exams available within days of your last flight.


No Large Deposits!

At FFTC your money is under your control. We do not take large deposits or hold large amounts of your money. Our pay as you go philosophy allows you to put money into our custodial account when you need it. Anything you don't spend is refunded.

On Site Maintenance

We turn around airplanes quickly. With our own internal maintenance facility we are able to do all inspections and unexpected fixes quickly and effiiciently.


Your Transfer to Us will be Smooth


Are you in the USA less then 6 months?
In this case you do not even have to leave the USA! We can arrange a transfer with you immediately. Just put us in touch with your current schools VISA official and we take care of the rest. It will all be done quickly.

Are you in the USA more then 6 months?

In this case we don't need to worry about your current school. Notify them that you're leaving, we will issue you a new I-20 and arrange for you to travel to Mexico or the Bahamas and back in the same day.


DGCA Structured Flight Training


Our Program Highlights
Min. 200hrs and 100hrs as PIC
50 hrs Cross Country solo at 100NM

250NM and 300NM DGCA Cross Countries

Upon your arrival we will study your logbook and create a plan to finish you according to the DGCA. From doing 50 hours of cross country at 100NM to being the sole manipulator of the controls during solo hour building flights, FFTC knows and adheres to all DGCA regulations.

DGCA Conversion Documents


Converting your license will require a lot of paperwork. It is essential that you have a Flight School that will support you until you hold your DGCA CPL in your hands. We are that flight school. 

From blood relation, to airworthiness, to your statements of flying, we know all the certificates you need for a successful conversion.

The DGCA Office in India

Taj Mahal

Once you are back home you are not alone. We will guide you until you hold the the DGCA CPL in your hands. Any shortfalls you receive we will handle together as a team. You can trust in FFTC, we will help you complete your dream. 


Connect with Our Students


Connect directly with our students and talk to them about what we do and how we do it. They are the best resource to learn about FFTC.

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