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Flight Training in the United States seems like a daunting task. From applying for a Visa, via an interview with the US embassy to paying for training. There are a lot of steps one must complete in order to begin training. We remember what it was like to be in your shoes. 

Our admission process is designed to be simple. As a matter of fact it is so smooth, you won't ever feel like you're involved in a complex process. We provide you with personalized guidance from the very start until you step foot into our flight school.


How to Apply

Our application process is designed to be smooth. As soon as you being your journey with us we take you step by step through everything that you need to know and do. As you go through our digital enrollment process you will be given all the information you need in the order in which you need it. 

  1. Register in our system

  2. Receive our detailed information package

  3. Review our pricing and enrollment requirements

  4. Connect directly with our admissions team

  5. Ask all the questions you still have

  6. Enroll and begin


We were once in your shoes. We remember well that flight training is a wonderful journey that can be challenging financially. It is important that you feel no stress while you embrak on your training journey and having confidence in your tuition process is a big part of being able to focus on your education.

That is why FFTC does not charge you large deposits. We believe that your money should be in your control. After you enroll we will open a custodian account for you and you can deposit as much money as you feel comfortable with.

Begin Your Journey
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