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Flight Training

Excellence is achieved when your flight training is structured and consistent. This is where FFTC excels. Everything we do is designed to provide you with a schedule that keeps you moving towards your goal.

A student with his flight instructor and their two ipads studying navigation
Tecnam P2010 G-1000 cockpit at the flight school

Consistent Scheduling

Consistent practice is the key to successful flight training. We schedule you 4 to 6 times a week to keep you moving towards your goal. 


Limited Enrollments

Instructors need to have a lot of personal interaction with their students. We limit the number of students we enroll to provide you with excellent training.

An instructor with three students inside the flight school
A group of students smiling inside the main classroom of the flight school

Quality Theory

Arguably the most important part of flight training is the ground instruction you receive immediately before you depart and after you land. Our instructors are not with us to build time, they are here to train the next generation of arline pilots.

FAA Exams On Site

No waiting for Checkrides and FAA Exams. Our FAA Examiners and test facilities are on site. We make exams available within days of your last flight.

A FAA Exam just begun in the briefing room

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?


No Large Deposits!

At FFTC your money is under your control. We do not take large deposits or hold large amounts of your money. Our pay as you go philosophy allows you to put money into our custodial account when you need it. Anything you don't spend is refunded.

On Site Maintenance

We turn around airplanes quickly. With our own internal maintenance facility we are able to do all inspections and unexpected fixes quickly and effiiciently.

A tecnam p2010 in front of the flight schools maintenance hangar

US Citizens
Training Route

a flight instructor giving a lecture to students

Our US Citizen route is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our customers from the United States. We understand that family and work come first. With us you can create your own schedule or join one of our airline training programs. The choice is yours.


A group of indian flight students talking together at the flight school lounge

Our DGCA training route is specifically designed for our indian customers. When you finish our training you can rest assured that all of your DGCA requirements will have been met.

Conversion Route

Two flight students studying together

Designed specifically for our customers from Europe. This training router offers you the option to complete the Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Hour Building in any combination you choose. 

Each course is 3 months long and regardless of which course you complete you will be ready to convert your FAA Certificate into the EASA license of your choice. 


an airplane that just took fuel from the flight school

FFTC also serves our general avitation community. Whatever it is you may need, we will pair you with an instructor you feel comfortable with. Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Insurance Checkouts and Rentals are all part of what we love to do.

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