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Welcome to Florida Flight Training Center's premium facilities, where we pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled experience. Our in-house maintenance team ensures optimal aircraft condition, while our state-of-the-art classrooms and comfortable lounges create an ideal learning environment. Just a short walk from the beach and bathed in sunshine almost year-round, FFTC offers a truly exceptional setting to pursue your aviation dreams.

the flight school from a bird eye view
flight school classroom with flight students and fligth instructor


Our classrooms are designed for the ideal student group size. We merge proven teaching techniques with modern technology.

State of the Art

Our training facility offers an education experience like a major University. We provide modern simulators and airplanes for your flight training.

a tecnam p2010 glass cockpit at the flight school
flight students sitting in the flight schools lounge

Pilot Lounge

A place to rest and wait for your next flight. Our pilot lounge as the best view of the airport and our airplanes leaving and returning to our ramp.


A five minute walk from the beach, our airport is located in the ideal location for flight training. Surrounded by a quite town, with plenty to do, we offer the ideal surroundings to study. 

venice florida pier at the beach close to the fligth school
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