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Traveling to the United States for flight training can feel like a daunting step. We understand that this decision is an important part of your life. That is why we are here for you and aim to provide you with all the information that are important for you and your family.


Safety First

Everything we do is focused on Safety First. It is the first thing we think about when we open the flight school in the morning, when we design new procedures and when we let you fly each day. Safety First is who we are. It is our culture and we are pride ourselves on being a conservative flight school. When in doubt, we teach you to simply say no.


Course Schedule

We provide a comprehensive schedule for the specific needs of our courses. We aim to schedule all of our full time students 5 to 6 times a week and pride ourselves on our progress oriented focus. Students with family and work responsibilities will enjoy a schedule focused on their personal needs.



We are located in sunny Venice, FL a five minute walk away from the beach. Surrounded by housing communities, restaurants and golf courses, we believe our location is ideally suited for young adults to train to become Commercial Pilots.


State of the Art

Our training facility is state of the art. With multiple classrooms of different sizes, dedicated briefing areas and modern technology we provide our students with a training experience like a major University. 


Pilot Lounge

Our facility includes a dedicated pilot lounge for our students to socialize and study. We want to instill a sense of community in our flight school and the best way to do that is to provide our students with the tools and places to be together.

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