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Flexible Flight Training

Most of us have important priorities in life, other then flight training. But yet we have dreams. The Florida Flight Training Center specializes in offering you a path to your goals, with programs built around you.

A student with his flight instructor and their two ipads studying navigation

My Career Chances

You can become a professional pilot on a flexible training schedule. There is no rule on finishing quickly. Quality is what counts.


Will Airlines Hire Me?

Absolutely yes! Contrary to popular belief, airlines and charter companies only look for quality. You can get there at your own pace.

An instructor with three students inside the flight school

How We Schedule

People have families and work obligations. Submit as many open times you have a week in advance and we will schedule as many as possible.

What About Full Time Students?

Our full time students can fly anytime. We schedule flexible first and then built the rest of the schedule around it. 

A FAA Exam just begun in the briefing room

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?


Flexible Payments

Being flexible does not stop with our schedule. We offer the same thing when it comes to your money. You pay as your budget allows.

Everything On Site

We have our own Maintenance, our own FAA Examiners, our own Fuel and our own Knowledge Test Center right here on site.

A tecnam p2010 in front of the flight schools maintenance hangar

A True Success Story

a flight instructor giving a lecture to students

One of our students delivered Pizza, while going through the entire training. He eventually became an Instructor and now works as a Boeing 747 Cargo Pilot.

US Citizen Training at FFTC


Our flight training is structured with the purpose of providing you as consistent of an experience as possible. Our training focuses on quality over speed and safety over everything else.

We Will Do It Together

an airplane that just took fuel from the flight school

Let us handle the scheduling and organizing around your schedule. You rest easy that everything is built around you, so you can focus on the flying.

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